1963 – 1969 Rev. Charles B. Knight

Rev. Charles B. Knight (1963 - ????)
Rev. Charles B. Knight (1963 – ????)

The son of Benjamin and Ella (Malay) Knight, he was born at Jeffersonville, Indiana , on August 9, 1911.  After attending St. Xavier High School, Louisville, Kentucky, he entered St. Meinrad Seminary in 1928.  On June 2, 1936 he was ordained a priest at St. Meinrad, Indiana.  After acting as assistant pastor at St. Anthony, Indianapolis, Indiana, St. Anthony, Evansville, Indiana, and St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, Indiana he entered military service as a chaplain on September 17, 1942.  He continued as a military chaplain, 13 years in the Navy (including service with the Marines) and eight years in the Army.  In World War II he was with the 1st Marine Division in the South Pacific Campaign, 1942-1944, aboard the Carrier, U.S. Essex and heavy Cruiser U.S. Minneapolis.  During the Korean War, 1950-1953, he served aboard U.S. Carrier Valley Forge.  In 1956-1959 he was on tour of duty in Berlin, Germany during which part of that time he was the only Catholic Chaplain in the city, and offered non Masses every Sunday.  He left military service on May 26, 1963, and was appointed pastor of St. Mary Lanesville, Indiana on June 1, 1963.

He was a hard worker, and he admired the tradition of work at St. Mary.  “The people here are wonderful,” he said.  “They work hard and sweat.  They same it makes them feel good to do a hard day’s work for a worthwhile cause.”

While at St. Mary, he did yard work, made minor repairs, read as much as possible, worked on his military memoirs, enjoyed music, and practiced his golf shots, especially with a five iron.  He loved having fun, and delivered crisp, easy-to-follow sermons filled with insights from his experiences in life.  “His sermons were primarily ad-libbed,” recalled one parishioner, “but they always had a point.”

In June 1969, the Archdiocese transferred Father Knight to Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in New Albany, Indiana.  In 1973 he took a leave of absence because of poor health, and 1976 he retired.  After his retirement he lived in Jeffersonville, where he died on December 2, 1990, at the age of 79.