1854-1893 Rev. Alphonse Munschina

Rev. Alphonse Munschina (1854-1893)

Born at Strasberg, France on May 16, 1818, he emigrated to the United States in 1839.  He was ordained a priest in the Old Cathedral, Vincennes, Indiana, on February 19, 1843.  His first mission was Oldenberg, Indiana with Millhousen, St. Nicholas, and Enochsburg as missions.  In 1844 he was sent to Fort Wayne, Indiana, from which place he ministered to several missions.  In November, 1846 he came to St. Ann’s, Jennings County, where he built a brick church.  At St. Maurice, Napoleon, Indiana, he erected the first frame church in 1848.  At St. Magdalen, Ripley County, he established the first church and school in 1947.  In 1851 he erected the first church of St. Mary, Madison, Indiana.  Just before he arrived in Lanesville to become pastor (March 22, 1854) at age 36 he organized the German congregation in New Albany, Indiana.

Besides being active as Pastor of St. Mary’s, Lanesville, Indiana, Father Muchina for some years also ministered to the spiritual needs of the congregation at Dogwood, Indiana, where the first church in Harrison County, had been built, and at St. Peter, Franklin County (established by Rev. John P. Dion in 1838), where he built a new frame church in 1860.  The church in Laconia was also built by him in 1872,  After serving his flock for 39 years he resigned in 1893.  He died on November 2, 1898 at age 80, and was buried in the parish cemetery.