Henry’s Manuscript?


Henry’s last name is unknown at this time. He was paid to research and produce the manuscript about the time the SESQUICENTENNIAL 1843-1993 was published. The expense was greater than the parish was willing to pay and the manuscript was unfinished. However, since the parish paid for work done, the manuscript belongs to the parish. It was never used.

It seems a shame to not do something with the manuscript.  Page 32 is missing and page 77 went through the printer but is blank. There is no conclusion. The manuscript shows corrections in typing. There is no focus on the parish and includes such things as retail prices, world politics, and who was Pope along with the development of the parish. The pages are numbered to 79 with 10 pages of inserts.

  1. “The New Record” April 22, 1886
  2. Last Will of Father Munschina
  3. News article of St. Mary’s dedication
  4. & 5. Agreement signed by mix marriage couple
  5. Regulation for Lent dated January 16, 1884
  6. Letter from Father Munschina dated August 32, 1854
  7. Word from Father Kundek
  8. & 10. Two page first hand story from Anton Eisert (page 1
  9. Thanks to Libby Pfister and her daughters Louise & Janet for providing the manuscript.

If you would like to view the paper, click on the link at the top of the page!